Year 9 Options Booklet 2018 – 2019

At Qatar International School, we aim to provide a broad education for all of our pupils. This enables our pupils to develop a wide range of capabilities and skills designed to keep further or higher education and careers options open.

At the same time, the school is committed to ensuring that each pupil follows a course that is appropriate to their needs and capabilities. Therefore, the design of our curriculum at Key Stage 4 will provide enough flexibility to meet the needs and preferences of individual pupils. It is important that this book is used to help pupils prepare for and succeed in Key Stage 4 courses.

Your child has been preparing for this process by attending assemblies, careers days and talking to teachers and tutors. It is hoped that he/she has also been discussing this with you at home.

I am sure that everyone is aware that excellent attendance, punctuality, effort and behaviour are essential to success at Key Stage 4. Every pupil will need to maximize the help given by teachers by being in every lesson for each of the subjects that he/she is studying.

This year the main drive of this process has been aimed at ensuring that your son/daughter is choosing courses that are appropriate and will lead them to gaining the best possible qualifications for him/her as well as providing a progression pathway into the next phase of his/her education, employment and future.

This booklet will provide an outline of the Key Stage 4 curriculum. The rest of this information booklet gives further detail about the individual pathways and preferences open to your child.

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