Welcome Back – September 2017

Welcome back to the new school year! I hope everyone had a relaxing and happy summer. It certainly felt like a long one but the new school year is now underway and classes have already begun. At the start of every year I feel I must remind parents about the traffic situation in front of our school and indeed our neighbouring schools.

In liaison with the Principals of both the French and Lebanese Schools I can assure you we have done much over the last few years to co-ordinate our opening times and to work with Ashghal and the other authorities to reduce, as far as possible the delays parents suffer every day along United Nations Street and the surrounding roads. This year we have increased on-site parking for teaching staff to free up more spaces on the road in front of school and we continue to explore ways of making the drop off and collection of students easier.

I cannot stress enough the importance of driving and parking with care around the school. You must only use the designated spaces and lay-by for drop off and pick up. Any other area will delay traffic and is dangerous for your children. Please be patient and do not, under any circumstances, simply block the road. It causes massive frustration and is dangerous. Please respect the school staff as they try to make things easier and better for everyone.

School is open for the drop off of children from 6.30am and there is a Creche (Please see the Primary School for details) available at the end of the day for Primary students so please make sure that you use these facilities if you need to. For the safety and well-being of your children please do not be late and if you are having difficulty then let us know.

After further improvements to the school site over the summer we are looking forward to another excellent year. We even have a revised new logo to start the new year. This will not appear on the uniform until next year so don’t panic but you will increasingly see this  used around the school from now on. Please help us to maintain good communications with you by ensuring we have the most up to date contacts for you and your family, both phone numbers and email addresses please. By working together I know we will have a very successful partnership.

Best wishes

Mr. D. C. M. Baker