Activity Year groups Staff Day Description
Football 3 Miss Gledhill Monday A football activity with a focus on enjoyment and skill development.
Football 4 Mr Cavanagh Monday A football activity with a focus on enjoyment and skill development.
Basketball 3&4 Miss Lyon & Miss Melling Monday A club where students can develop their basketball skills and learn how to incorporate these in game situations.
Music 2-6 Ms Sandid Monday In Music club, children develop their musical skills and discover their talents. Students will learn to read musical notes and play some melodies including harmonies on the Xylophone. They will be challenged to improve their performance in front of audience at the end of the Term.
Dance 4,5,6 Mr Zaman Monday A club where children can learn the basics of R&B Hip Hop dance. The Theme will be Michael Jackson as we will be learning his most famous choreography.
Art & Crafts 2 Ms Qureshi  & Ms Patel Monday A club where children can explore their imagination, creativity, and learn new skills through art based activities.
Growing & Gardening 5&6 Mr Cowley  & Mrs Peters Monday A club where children can learn the basics of gardening. We will be preparing, planting and growing different fruits and vegetables.
Cookery 2,3&4 Ms Lama & Ms Manal & Ms Seeham Monday A club for students to learn the basics of cookery, including food hygiene, preparation and cutting and making simple dishes.
Maths Fun 4-6 Ms Symonds & Ms Carr Monday A club where children can have fun with Maths. We will be investigating, completing challenges and seeing how Maths can be used in real life situations.
Science club 2-3 Ms Innes & Mr Patel Monday Science club will be a mixture of practical experiments and observations as well as child led investigations. Children will have ownership of their own learning as the teachers take their questions and ideas and use these facilitate finding the answers through practical investigations. Children will also work on learning scientific language and how to record their results.
Netball 5&6 Ms Erasmus Monday This will be squad training for the QPPSSA competition. Squad training for students who excel in netball and will be part of the school teams this year or following years.
Student Council 3-6 Ms Grainger Monday The student council gives QIS Primary children a voice by sharing their ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and senior staff. This year we hope to start recycling in school, get involved in community projects and continue with school improvements. Children are elected to join the council by their peers.
Gaelic Football 3-6 Mr Mckenna Monday Gaelic football – Irish sport combining skills from football, rugby and basketball
Computer Coding 4-6 Mr Gefuri Monday A club where children learn what is behind computer games and websites.  We will be using a variety of different programs to make games, design websites and much more!
Singing Club 3-6 Ms Merriman Tuesday Singing club is a club where you will can perform all your favourite songs with your friends. If you love singing, music and maybe even a little bit of dancing, then this is the club for you!
Playground games 2-3 Ms Joy Tuesday A club where children will engage with other children to develop social and fine motor skills through the use of fun interactive games and activities”.
Arts & Crafts 5&6 Ms Alferokh Tuesday In Art & Crafts club this year, we will be exploring the basics of drawing and painting as well as some handicrafts.
Growing & Gardening 2-4 Ms Edib & Ms Garrett Tuesday A club where children can learn the basics of gardening. We will be preparing, planting and growing different fruits and vegetables.
French 4-6 Ms Dargouth Tuesday These 12 week classes are designed to give a strong foundation in the French Language. You will have the chance to quickly master basic oral conversation. You will learn a great deal of day to day vocabulary, pronunciation, various tenses, dialogues and you will be doing 2 or 3 treasure hunts.
ICT 5&6 Ms Landau Tuesday A chance to explore coding and programming with a range of software, learning basic digital literacy skills and e-safety.
Board Games & Cards 3&4 Ms Farmer Tuesday A club where children can learn lots of valuable skills through playing a variety of board games. The children will learn how to work together as a team, how to be resilient, how to take turns and share and how to follow rules and instructions. The children will even get to create their own board game that they can share and play with their friends.
Creative Writing 3-6 Mr Seltzer Tuesday This club will help you improve your story writing by looking at writers work and methods of describing scenes and actions.

We will read out examples and work on different styles of writing.

Ballet 5&6 Ms Page Tuesday Children will start to learn the discipline of ballet, through short exercises and combination-steps to strengthen their bodies, improve flexibility, musicality and co-ordination.
Arabic Club 2-6 Ms Nahawi & Ms Ismat Tuesday A club where children will learn the basics of Arabic through stories, fun and interactive ways. “
Cricket 5&6 Mr Allman Tuesday Do you like ball games? Do you want to improve your hand eye coordination? Have you seen video clips of men and women wearing colourful kit and hitting a ball from the middle of a field?

If the answer to any of these is YES then cricket might be the thing for you. If you like playing it already or are willing to learn there is an opportunity to develop your skills. We will learn all aspects of batting, bowling and fielding. It is open to boys AND girls so please come along!

Science Club 6&7 Ms Magar Tuesday This activity will include a series of fun science activities/experiment including; Balloon Rockets, Amazing ice cubes, making bouncy balls from glue and custard powder, elephant toothpaste. A challenging and exciting activity for bussing scientists.
Book club 2 Miss Timeaus Wednesday A club where we share the excitement of reading different stories. We then use the story to create different art work, role play and other fun activities.
French 2 Ms Zarkout Wednesday The course will introduce basic French pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

The students will learn to understand and speak French in simple and fun ways!

Chatterbox Cafe 5-8 Ms Mackway Wednesday Definition of a ‘Chatterbox’: someone who talks continuously!

We are looking for potential chatterboxes who we can help to find their confidence when sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions with accuracy.

Each week, students are in charge of choosing our conversation topic  – anything they want! Over light refreshments, we will then discuss, question, explore and chat about the subject, building the valuable skills of speaking and listening needed to succeed in school and in their future careers.

Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts 4-6 Mr Hopkins & Mrs Emoka Wednesday Aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and social skills.

The pack is divided into smaller groups called dens, these individuals will be a mix from Year 4, 5 and 6.

Purposes and Methods of Cub Scouting

  1. Character Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Good Citizenship
  4. Sportsmanship and Fitness
  5. Family Understanding
  6. Respectful Relationships
  7. Personal Achievement
  8. Friendly Service
  9. Fun and Adventure
  10. QIS Learner Profile
Football- Squad training 5&6 Mr Hook Wednesday Training for the year 5&6 boys football teams to prepare for the upcoming QPPSSA tournaments
Football 5&6 Mr Morrison Wednesday A football activity with a focus on enjoyment and skill development.
Basketball 5&6 Mr Hussain & Ms Freeman Wednesday Basketball club for all Year 5/6. Working on drills, shooting, teamwork and building up to playing more competitive games. A great opportunity to have fun with your friends while improving your skills.
Music 2-6 Ms Siban Wednesday A club where the children will have the opportunity to sing, play percussion instruments and listen to different styles of music.
Dance 2&3 Ms Abdulkareem Wednesday A club where the children learn different dance moves and link together to form sequences. We will learn the basic of dance from a range of different cultures
Art & Crafts 3&4 Ms Singh Wednesday A range of painting, crafts and beading activities that will allow children to express their creativity and take home their created work.
Board games & Cards 5-6 Ms Salimee Wednesday Board games and cards – A club where children can discuss the rules of different games and develop strategies to beat their opponents. We will also using this knowledge to invent our own games and ensure a fun experience.
Cookery 5&6 Ms Muir & Ms Clempson Wednesday A club where children can learn the basics of cooking and kitchen safety. We will be preparing, cooking and making a variety of healthy, tasty starters, lunches, dinners and desserts.
Science Club 4-5 Ms Maunder Wednesday A club where children can learn the basics Science experiments using household materials. We will be preparing, experimenting and writing a report on the outcome.
ICT Fun 2-3 Ms Golijanin Wednesday ICT fun club will develop your child’s computing skills through a variety of engaging activities. Through these activities your child will become more confident when using the computer independently. This will have a positive impact on their home learning as they will have the ‘know how’ when wanting to research topics using a computer!
Sewing & Dress making 4-6 Ms Boyle & Ms Nashashibi Wednesday A club where we will learn basic stitches and methods to create beautiful handmade accessories.
QPPSSA Squad Training

Invite Only

2-6 Ms Paul + Ms Erasmus Wednesday Training for selected athletes and sports players to prepare for various competitions throughout the year.