The new Primary Student Council for 2017/2018

The 2017/18 Student Council has been voted for by the students, here are our official members.

Head Of Student Council: Head Boy: Al Khattab (Chair Person) (6D), Head Girl: Maya (Press Secretary) (6B), Regina (Vice Chairperson) (4B), Joaquin 4E, Sinead 5E, Lina 5E ,Waleed 5D, Gareth 3C, Bana 2B,Dareen 2D.

The Student Council is here to give a voice to the students.

This term, our main goal is to promote and add recycling bins into the school. We are going to start off with recycling paper then hopefully progress to plastic and glass. The Student Council will also be encouraging all children to reduce waste and re-use items.

We will keep you informed on any further events.            

Thanks for your support,                                                                  

Maya and Regina, Student Council members

Mrs Grainger with from left to right: Gareth Year 3, Lina Year 5, Bana Year 2, Regina (Vice Chair) Year 4,Maya (Secretary) Year 6, Waleed (Year 5), Alkhattab (Chairperson)Year 6, Joaquin Year 4, Sinead Year 5, Faisal Year 2 and Dareen Year 2.