QIS is a caring community and we provide a range of professionally staffed services to support students in their learning, as well as to look out for their social, emotional and physical well-being. All staff from tutors to class teachers, administration leaders and specialist support staff all play an important role in this support network.

The pastoral care of all our students is the responsibility of the whole community.  At QIS the way we treat, talk to, interact with and teach our students will all contribute to the quality of our pastoral care.

QIS operates a year system and every student is placed in a tutor group.  The tutors are led by a Head of Progress for each year group.  The main focus for pastoral care, initially, will be the tutor as they will greet their students at the start of each day.  Tutors will report pastoral concerns to their Head of Progress who will have regular meetings with the Deputy Head of Secondary, Miss Lofkin.

You can contact Miss Lofkin should you require any additional information about our pastoral care services by email: lofkina@qis.org or telephone 4483 3456 ext 229.

Attendance Officer

Mrs Rima Harb is the link between home and school with regard to attendance. Mrs Harb is located in the Deputy Head Office on the ground floor of G Block. When a tutor records a student as absent Mrs Harb will ring the family to find out why the student has not attended school. Parents are, therefore, requested to inform the school when their child will not be attending school. This is a safeguarding issue.

If a parent wishes their child to leave school during the day, the parent should write a note to the tutor. The student should show the note to their tutor during registration and the tutor should sign and date the note. When the student is ready to leave they should show the note to Mrs Harb and sign out. Mrs Harb will then issue the student with a Gate Pass which informs School Security to allow the student to leave the premises.

If you have any queries about attendance or would like to inform the school about  a medical leave or any other absences please contact harbr@qis.org  or ext 414.