SIM’s Parent App is now LIVE!

Dearest Parents,

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new school app “SIMS Parent App” which will help you stay updated with your child’s day-today.

school activities and news.

“SIMS Parent App” will be presenting you the following:

– Varieties of updates for your child’s: attendance, behaviour, achievement, timetable, and assessment marks.

– School Calendar.

– Announcements’ notifications.

– An access to update your info. (email, phone number….etc.)

– In case you have more than one child in the school; you will be granted full access to all of your children’s details through the same app.

Getting Started with SIMS

For the Desktop version:

1. You will receive an activation email from with the

activation URL with code.

2. Activate your account using Google or Microsoft account….etc.

3. Log online to

For the mobile version:

1. Download “SIMS Parent“ app available “Apple App Store” and

“Android Google Play”.

2. Login with your activated account.


** Your activation email will expire in 14 days if not used before that and also

kindly note that this was created for your usage only and shouldn’t be used by

anyone else.

** The data collection sheet will remain open for updates until 30th November.

Please make any changes before this date and refer to the attached

document for full instructions.

** For more details, please view and download our instructive document on

our school website:

** QIS Family is always pleased to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to contact

us for any encountered difficulty.

For more information, please download these 2 documents:

Document 1

Document 2