Primary Library

The library is a place where students in QIS are eager to come, they feel at home.

Students are able to choose what they like to read, we have different types of books we have fiction and non-fiction books also we have big books with simple words for FS1 & FS2 students.

When students enter the library, they go to pick a favorite book under advice and supervision of the teacher, then they lined up to borrow, after that students sit in a quiet atmosphere to enjoy reading.

In other days, the library is responsible for conducting various activities for students in the library such as giving their opinion in their favorite book using the book review form or orally with their colleagues.

The library always welcomes students and encourages them to read.

Secondary Library

The secondary Learning Resource Centre is a haven for students to visit before their school day begins, during break times and when lessons end.

Opening from 6:30am every morning we try to ensure that there is something to engage all students’ interest in the library in terms of genre on offer but also the facilities.

Students have access to areas for private and group study; comfortable reading areas; ‘Maker Space’ areas for our creative students and computer access too.

Students access the library for study, research and reading purposes. We have reference texts which aid study, as well as the most up to date fiction novels. Students can also request resources that they’d like to have access to and we endeavour to do our best to source them in order to nurture their learning and joy for reading.

QIS recently invested in a new library software system called ‘Reading Cloud’ by Eclipse. This new system is much more efficient and up to date to support modern demands of the curriculum. Students can access the library catalogue online 24-7, meaning that they will be learning the life skill of navigating a library catalogue and acquiring the ability to search for resources independently.

The system encourages pupils to personalize their library profile; contribute to the online blog; exposes them to a ‘Word of the Day’ and ‘Fact of the Day’ feature; reserve books for themselves and submit reviews of books read.

The free app for this system can be downloaded from the app store, it is called ‘IMLS’.

Students visit the library regularly with their English teachers to exchange their books. Senior students use the library facilities in order to conduct paired reading or to be ‘Book Buddies’ to younger students, at least one morning every week.

Junior students receive a library induction on how to best use the library to facilitate their learning- efficiently and effectively. Students also become aware of the Dewey system and how it is used to catalogue books.

To encourage reading for pleasure the QIS library facilitates the processing of the Baker Books orders twice a year. Baker Books is a UK based company that provides quality reading materials as well as academic reference guides and textbooks. This year we saw the Baker Book order increase dramatically at QIS to over 32,000 QAR which is very pleasing as it proves that our students really do enjoy reading and parents are supporting them too!


The Learning Resource Centre is always happy to cater visitors to school. We regularly host visiting universities and authors. Visiting authors really inspire and encourage our students to achieve their best and to value reading. Joshua Raven from the UK was our last visiting author in 2016, we hope to host another one this academic year.

In order to continue with encouraging the love for reading, trips to the MIA library and the new Qatar National Library are planned for this academic year also. Please help us foster the love of reading within your children by trying to visit these free fantastic resources that are on our doorstep here in Doha!

Please don’t hesitate to come and visit our library anytime, everyone is always welcome ?

In the words of Roald Dahl “So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall.”

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” – Harry S. Truman