“Teaching standards across the school are high. Most lessons were good or


 “The school is highly effective in enabling all students to develop their personal

skills and qualities. Students are thoughtful, well behaved, treat others with

respect and have well developed social skills.”

 “The whole school community – teaching, non-teaching, administration and

ancillary staff – work as a team to promote high quality learning and care for all


 “Students appreciate the needs of others and ensure the school is an inclusive learning environment. They are courteous and considerate, both around the school and in lessons and this is clearly evidenced by their positive attitudes, good behaviour and the respect they demonstrate towards each other.”

 “The welfare, health and safety of students throughout the school are outstanding. QIS places a high priority on ensuring that the education and well-being of all students are at the heart of school policies and procedures.”

 “The accommodation, staffing levels and resources at QIS are outstanding.”

 “The governance role fulfilled by the proprietor is outstanding. There is a highly positive relationship between the principal and the proprietor.”

 “The principal is inspirational, with a clear vision and capacity to continue to move the school forward. He is well supported by a highly effective senior leadership team. Clear direction is reflected in the high quality of education, the care of students and the drive to fulfil the school’s aims and ethos.”