Primary Overview

QIS Primary accommodates children from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6 (ages 3 – 11). The school teaches the British National Curriculum for England and Wales, with the addition of Qatar’s Ministry of Education mandated subjects (Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatari History).

Within the Primary School buildings, there are designated classrooms for class teachers and their registration groups, organised in Year Groups. There are also specialist teaching rooms for ICT, Music, Arabic B (for non-native Arabic speakers) and Islamic Studies B (for non-native Arabic speakers) and a Primary Library. Primary pupils also enjoy access to designated PE facilities (including swimming pool), playground areas, garden and cafeteria on our custom built campus.

Primary Leadership Team

Philip Allman

Philip Allman

Head of Primary
Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle

Deputy Head Teacher - Curriculum
Mary Emoka

Mary Emoka

Deputy Head Teacher - Pastoral
Eva Taggart

Eva Taggart

Assistant Head Teacher
Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman

Claire Siban

Claire Siban

School Support Senior Manager


Foundation Stage 1

Isabela Gheorghe

Dina Ibrahim

Michelle Al Shibli

Tanya Spies (Year Group Leader)

Emma Taylor

Jonette Parilla

Year 2

Brid Joy

Gemma Muir

Nadja Golijanin

Sarah Qureshi (Year Group Leader)

Claire Garrett

Kamruz Zaman

Year 5

Jeremy Seltzer

Gemma Wellington

Abdurrahman Gefuri

Joanne Lewis

Anika Singh (Year Group Leader)

Nia Charles

Subject Specialist Teachers

Maha Sandid – Music

Yasamin Al Rifai – ICT

Laura Shackel – PE (Coordinator)

Sarah Paul – PE

Jackie Low – French

Mariama Bah – French

Shona Monaghan – French

Sue Cowley – Librarian

Foundation Stage 2

Jessica Pamphlett

Kayleigh Johnstone

Rachael Senior

Bethany Fryer

Lorna Simmonds (Year Group Leader)

Salomi Govender

Year 3

Michelle Grainger

Mehz Patel (English Coordinator)

Mark Cavanagh

Harjeet Peters (Year Group Leader)

Hadia Salimee

Kerry-Lea Farmer

Year 6

Harun Patel

Dan Hook

Gary Cowley (Science Coordinator)

Jack Morrison (Year Group Leader)

Aqeel Hussain

Laura Mackway

Year 1

Danielle Clempson

Katie Melling

Angharad Timaeus (Year Group Leader)

Jade Collingwood

Carolanne Innes

Mica Carr

Year 4

Luke McRae

Joseph McKenna

Nicholas Hopkins (Year Group Leader)

Emma Symonds (Maths Coordinator)

Tasnim Edib

Connor McKeever

Arabic & Islamic Studies

Majeda Nahawi (Head of Arabic)

Dania Dargouth (Assistant Head of Arabic)

Nazek Abdelhay

Siham Abdulrazak

Amira Aldaas

Manal Ali

Lama Hajjar

Abir Kassis

Roula Kilani

Nisreen Mohamed

Dalia Nashashibli

Rania Zarkout