More outstanding exam results from QIS students

Qatar International School is delighted to announce that our students have again been recognised by both Cambridge and Edexcel examination boards for their outstanding exam results.

Both exam boards have recently published the winners of their outstanding learner awards.  QIS has again been highly successful.

High Achievers Award

  • Naomi Megan Allman                       A Level Geography
  • Farah Zeyad Ali                                 As Level Global Perspectives
  • Farah Zeyad Ali                                 As Level Psychology
  • Sherene Sherif Sabry Bazina           As Level Psychology

Highest Achiever in Qatar

  • Leila Yasser Nabil Mohamed Abdellatif           IGCSE            French
  • Fatima Zahra Olukade                                        IGCSE            English 2nd Language
  • Tianne Nadyku Pane                                          IGCSE            English Language
  • Abdulla Mohamed Khalaf Al-Jubouri               IGCSE            Classical Arabic
  • Marwan Ahmed Mounir Moustafa
  • Sobhy Mandor                                                    IGCSE            Further Pure Mathematics
  • Karim Ashraf Fayez Ghaly                                 IGCSE             Geography
  • Jaishree Magar                                                  A Level            English Language

Best Across 4 As Subjects

  • Farah Zeyad Ali     As Level

Highest Mark in the Middle East

  • Jaishree Magar             A Level       English Language

Top Mark in the WORLD

  • Ahamed Haziq Nazrul Shahard          IGCSE             Mathematics
  • Jaishree Magar                                      A Level            English Language

The school is currently awaiting the certificates from the examination groups so that they can be presented to the students in the presence of their parents and teachers.

Mr. Dunlop, Head of Secondary, commented on the high standards that the students had set themselves and his delighted that many QIS students were recognised by the examination groups.  He also noted the importance of the role that the student’s teachers and parents played in supporting them in preparation for their exams.