leaving policy

-Where a student is leaving the school, four weeks’ notice of the Leaving Date must be given in writing. Where insufficient notice is given, the leaving Date shall be assumed to be four weeks after the date of receipt by the School of the written notification.

In the event of a child being suspended /excluded from school, fees are not refundable.

– New Students are asked to pay a deposit to confirm their acceptance of a place. This fee is deductible against the Tuition fee. The Retainer fee is non – refundable under any circumstances.

– Registration fees are non- refundable under any circumstances.

– A discontinuation notice must be filled, signed and provided to the admissions office by hand or by e-mail.  Leaving certificate will not be provided unless that form is handed.

– Fees paid in the beginning of each term are partially refundable as follows;

  • Where the leaving Sate is after the start of term but before the Middle of the term, 50% of the term fees shall be refundable.
  • Where the Leaving Date is before the Due Date, fees shall be refundable in full.
  • Where the Leaving Date is after the Middle of the Term, none of the term fees shall be refundable.