International Award Bronze Trip to Zekreet

On Thursday 29th November, 48 students from year 10, 11 and 12 left school at second break to travel to Zekreet on the West coast. They departed Zekreet village on foot and walked in groups, for around 3 hours, across sand, stones and rocks, before arriving at QIS campsite just before dark. The students then put their tents up and began cooking under a starlit sky before gathering around a communal fire for roasted marshmallows and singing cheesy songs. Everyone went to bed at 10pm for a night of wonderful rest (although some managed to get more sleep than others).

The next morning the students were up before sunrise to make their breakfast and pack their tents away. Enthusiasm levels had now dropped significantly as the tired students were contemplating the long walk ahead of them. However, spirits remained high throughout the morning and by the afternoon some groups were heard singing as they walked along the dusty roads. Friday was a very warm day and the students did well to remain positive and optimistic. There were countless examples of the students supporting and motivating each other as they made their way back to the buses. It was an exhausted bunch of QIS students that eventually arrived back at Zekreet and collapsed under the famous QIS tree. Well done to all of you on completing such an arduous journey!

Meanwhile a group of 6 students, who were doing the Silver level of the award, had continued to walk farther away from Zekreet to QIS campsite 2, located at the far North-Western tip of the peninsula. They had a fantastic view of the sunset over the sea on Friday evening, as well as the sunrise over the misty sea on Saturday morning. After breakfast they set off for a 6-hour hike back to Zekreet, passing Film City, the first campsite and the Richard Serra sculptures along the way. They walked at a fantastic pace and thoroughly deserved their celebratory ice-creams at the end. Well done to the Silver crew!

Thanks to the fifteen accompanying members of staff who gave up their weekend time to make this trip possible.