Exam Success

QIS students started this academic year with a welcome assembly. During the assembly there was a celebration of some excellent exam results from the external summer examination series. The students, again, produced some fantastic individual performances.

IGCSE Grades            Student

2A* 7A 1B                   NASIR Bilal

4A* 5A 1B                   NABILA Fathia

5A* 4A                         ABDELHAKAM Rawan AbdelMoneim Mahmoud

6A* 3A 1B                   MOHD NAJIB Mya Batrisyia Binti

8A* and 1A                 ABDELLATIF Leila Yasser Nabil Mohamed

8A* 1A 1B                    PANE Tianne Nadyku

8A* 1A 1 B                   RAFIFAH Dysa

9A*                                SAADELDIN Rana Walid Mohamed Samir AbdelSalam

9A*1A                           GHOZALI Siti Abyad Khadijah

7A*2A 1C                     IRSHAID Nada W.A.

As Grades                 Student

4A                                AL-ANI Lina Ammar Abduljabbar

4A                                ALTARAWNEH Lina Nayel Abdullah

4A                                DAFALLA Aya Abdellatif Hamad

4A                                RAHMATULLAH Danang Syady
4A                                RIZAL
Azman Harith Bin Azhari

4A                                ALI Farah Zeyad


A Level Grades        Student

1A* 2 A                        MOHAMED AHMED Mirit Mohamed Mohamed Refaat

1A* 2A                         SOPIAN Mohammad Reza

1A* 2A                         MAGAR Jaishree

1A* 2A                         ELNAGGAR Yara Amr Moharam Amin

1A* 2A                         BADRAN Marah Mohammed Shehadeh

3A                                ABOULWAFA Ali Amr Mohamed Fathi

3A                                ZAFIRA Wafa

Another notable success, was the performance of our Year 10, now Year 11, student Haziq Shahard. He achieved 100% in his accelerated mathematics paper – an outstanding achievement.

At the end of the assembly Mr Dunlop challenged the current students to out-perform the exam results that were achieved this year