Dear Parents

 Whilst we are aware that parents are having to arrive early because of the road restrictions and this combined with the increasing heat is not ideal, we must request your cooperation when it comes to not entering the blocks BEFORE the children are ready to be dismissed.

 The following areas are available for waiting in;

 As Early Years finish at 12.50pm and Years 1&2 at 1pm these blocks are available to go into from those times (even if you do not have children to pick up from there to shelter from the heat). Please do not enter these blocks before then as the children are still engaged in their learning.

  • There are also the options of remaining in your car until the time you are required to pick up or waiting in the reception area of the administration block.

 As the blocks for years 3&4 and 5&6 do not complete their day until 1.10pm we would remind parents NOT to be in these buildings until the bell rings. This includes the area between the two sets of double doors. Blocking this entrance and exit constitutes a serious health and safety risk. Please do not be offended if you are in these blocks before pick up time and asked to go to one of the other specified blocks.

 We thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.