Celebrating Diversity

 At QIS we are extremely proud of our bilingual and multilingual learners.  In the whole school, we have 61 nationalities and 41 languages spoken as a mother tongue and yet, all of children learn and sit examinations in English!  As you will see, our results are comparable to schools in the UK.  This is a wonderful achievement which we need to celebrate!

The ACCESS team (raising the profile of Literacy and EAL) are turning this back on the teachers.  We have challenged them to learn a language for assembly where the students will judge the winner.


  1. Willing teachers to volunteer
  2. Students to approach teachers and partner up
  3. Agree upon opportunities to meet up regularly for lessons/learning time
  4. Produce up to a one minute video to show in assembly of the teacher showing off their new language skills!

 We will update you with the winner at the end of term! Key Stage 2 Primary teachers have chosen Arabic (from a range of countries) while Secondary have chosen to learn any language already in our school.  In Key Stage 1, we are challenging both teachers and students to learn ‘Hello’ in all 41 languages in our school.  We can’t wait to show you the results – videos to be uploaded soon!

 Let the language battle commence!