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New Website for Afterschool Activities

Dear Parents,


We are delighted to inform you we have a new website for Afterschool Activities  sign-up Term 2.

Please see the attached document which lists the available options. You will need your FID (family ID number) to enter the site, you then select which students you wish to register. If you are not aware of your family ID, please contact the main school reception. Please note the following:

  • Students in Years 2-6 can select 2 activities per week, Year 1 students can select 1 activity per week.
  • Please discuss the activity options with your child. Once the form is submitted there will be no option to change.
  • You can sign up to activities at any point during the term, there is no longer a deadline. Each activity displays the number of spaces available and once an activity is full, this activity option will no longer be displayed.
  • If your child decides not to continue with an activity, please let Mrs Luna know as this space can be opened up to a student who has not yet registered.
  • All students must be collected at 2:15pm from the activity location by a parent/driver/nanny or older sibling with a blue pass. If a student is collected late on 3 occasions, then this student will no longer be able to participate in this activity.
  • If you cannot collect your child on time, please sign them in to crèche where they will be looked after until 3pm.
  • Primary siblings, who do not have an activity on the same day, must be collected from class at the end of the school day or signed in to crèche. Primary siblings cannot be left unattended in school. Secondary siblings can attend an activity or homework club if they do not have an activity on the same day as a younger sibling.

We appreciate your support with the above conditions and look forward to another term of engaging activities with your child.

Here is the link to the new primary activity sign up website, please use your Family ID to enter the site:

Primary Activity sign up Website


Miss Paul

Primary Activities Coordinator


Early Years Circus

Theatre Seekers Activity- Year 1 and 2

Year 03 Activities

Primary Gardening Club

The QIS garden is now looking fantastic thanks to Mr Cowley, Miss Peters and the Primary gardening club children. All the plants are now labelled and we would encourage staff and students to take a look and perhaps sketch or just enjoy them.

Safari Day

To celebrate our new topic ‘Going on Safari’ the pupils in Year One dressed up as safari animals and participated in some exciting activities. The pupils created paper plate necklaces using patterns in the style of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. They also designed and produced their own binoculars which they then used for an animal hunt around the playground. The pupils found all sorts of interesting animals hiding in our school bushes. The Year One students are now looking forward to learning more about these animals and about the lives of people in Kenya throughout the term.

Year 1 learning through play









This year, the Year One teachers are incorporating independent play based activities into the classroom. In addition to carpet sessions, teacher focused groups and whole class Phonics teaching the year one children are given time to access play- based activities that deepen their understanding of what they have been taught. This approach to learning builds the pupils independence, advances their social skills and gives them the opportunity to use the skills that they have learned. These photographs show a few of the learning activities the Year One pupils have engaged in this term.




WWF(World Wildlife Federation)







The School was given permission to raise money to support the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) in protecting endangered species by celebrating ‘Wear it Wild Day’. In Primary, The Student Council came up with ideas for the day which was on Thursday 23rd November.  Each class focused on one endangered animal and Children researched their endangered animal before the day and come to school prepared with facts, posters or other materials to support their research. In Secondary, the staff and students organized a cake sale and face painting. On the day the children and teachers celebrated by dressing-up and donating and managed to raise over 15000 QR.. 


Updated Primary Activity Procedure

Dear Primary Parents, 

The after school activity collection procedure in primary will be changing this week. From today you will collect your child from their activity location not their learning block. Please see attached table to check the location of your child’s activity. If you are late to collect your child from 2:30 any students not collected will go to the central area of block 3/4. 

With the exception of year 6 Science club, as this is held in a secondary classroom, these children can be collected at 2:15 from the classroom and they will be taken to year 3/4 block at 2:20.


Miss Paul

Primary ECA Coordinator


The new Primary Student Council for 2017/2018

The 2017/18 Student Council has been voted for by the students, here are our official members.

Head Of Student Council: Head Boy: Al Khattab (Chair Person) (6D), Head Girl: Maya (Press Secretary) (6B), Regina (Vice Chairperson) (4B), Joaquin 4E, Sinead 5E, Lina 5E ,Waleed 5D, Gareth 3C, Bana 2B,Dareen 2D.

The Student Council is here to give a voice to the students.

This term, our main goal is to promote and add recycling bins into the school. We are going to start off with recycling paper then hopefully progress to plastic and glass. The Student Council will also be encouraging all children to reduce waste and re-use items.

We will keep you informed on any further events.            

Thanks for your support,                                                                  

Maya and Regina, Student Council members

Mrs Grainger with from left to right: Gareth Year 3, Lina Year 5, Bana Year 2, Regina (Vice Chair) Year 4,Maya (Secretary) Year 6, Waleed (Year 5), Alkhattab (Chairperson)Year 6, Joaquin Year 4, Sinead Year 5, Faisal Year 2 and Dareen Year 2.