First University Fair

outstanding examination results


We welcomed back our students this week and were able to celebrate some outstanding examination results in the first assembly of the year.

We are proud of all our students’ achievements but a special mention must go to the following:


Lina Al Ani                             9A*

Lina Al Tarawneh                 9A*  1A

Danag Rahmatullah            4A*  5A

Menatalla El Nemr               3A*  6A


Wafa Zafira                           A AAA

Reza Sopian                         A AAA

Ali Aboulwafa                       A AAA

Naomi Allman                       A AAAB

Herath Mudiyanselage       A AAB


Rania Putri                            A* A* A* A

Niko Hilmi                              A* A* A

Osama Osman                     A*  AAB


                                                                                      Andy Dunlop

                                                                                    Head of Secondary

QIS Primary Activities 2017.18


Activity  Year groups  Staff  Day  Location 
Football 3 Mr Cavanagh Monday Field
Football 4 Mr Cavanagh Monday Field
Basketball 3&4 Miss Lyon & Miss Gledhill Monday New Sports Hall
Music 2-6 Ms Sandid Monday Music Room
Dance 4,5,6 Mr Zaman Monday Activity Room
Art & Crafts 2 Ms Qureshi  & Ms Patel Monday B Block Room 19
Growing & Gardening 5&6 Mr Cowley  & Mrs Peters Monday Primary Garden
Cookery 2,3&4 Ms Lama, Ms Manal & Ms Seeham Monday 1C
Maths Fun 4-6 Ms Symonds & Ms Salimee Monday 4D
Science club 2-3 Ms Innes & Mr Patel Monday 1E
Netball 5&6 Ms Erasmus Monday Old Sports Hall
Student Council 3-6 Ms Grainger Monday 3C
Gaelic Football 3-6 Mr Mckenna Monday Field
Computer Coding 4-6 Mr Gefuri Monday Y5/6 ICT Suite
Singing Club 3-6 Ms Charles Tuesday Music Room
Playground games 2-3 Ms Joy Tuesday 2A
Arts & Crafts 5&6 Ms Alferokh Tuesday 3B
Growing & Gardening 2-4 Ms Edib & Ms Garrett Tuesday 5A
French 4-6 Ms Dargouth Tuesday block 1-2 room 23
ICT 5&6 Ms Landau Tuesday 5&6 ICT Suite
Board Games & Cards 3&4 Ms Farmer Tuesday 5F
Creative Writing 3-6 Mr Seltzer Tuesday 4F
Ballet 5&6 Ms Page Tuesday Activity Room
Arabic Club 2-6 Ms Nahawi & Ms Ismat Tuesday 3C
Multisports 5&6 Mr Allman Tuesday New Sports Hall
Science Club 6&7 Ms Magar Tuesday Secondary-

F Block  Room 13

French 2 Ms Zarkout Wednesday 2F
Book club 2 Miss Timeaus Wednesday 1A
Chatterbox Cafe 5-8 Ms Mackway & Mr Macleod Wednesday  G12


Meet in 6F

Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts 4-6 Mr Hopkins & Mrs Emoka Wednesday  3&4 Central area
Football- Squad training 5&6 Mr Hook Wednesday Field-

Line up at gates

Football 5&6 Mr Morrison Wednesday Field-

Line up at gates

Basketball 5&6 Mr Hussain & Ms Freeman Wednesday New Sports Hall
Music 2-6 Ms Siban Wednesday Music Room
Dance 2&3 Ms Abdulkareem Wednesday Activity Room
Art & Crafts 3&4 Ms Singh Wednesday 5E
Board games & Cards 5-6 Ms Carr Wednesday 1D
Cookery 5&6 Ms Muir & Ms Clempson Wednesday 1C
Science Club 4-5 Ms Tariq Wednesday 4E
ICT Fun 2-3 Ms Golijanin Wednesday 3&4 ICT Suite
Sewing & Dress making 4-6 Ms Boyle & Ms Nashashibi Wednesday Mrs Nashshibi’s Room (Y5/6)
QPPSSA Squad Training

Invite Only

2-6 Ms Paul + Ms Erasmus Wednesday New Sports hall

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