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Year 03 Activities

November Newsletter

QIS recognises students for excellent performance in the summer 2017 examination

On Wednesday 6th December, QIS celebrated the success of their students that have been recognised by the examination boards for excellent performance in the summer 2017 examination series.

The students, their parents and their teachers met for a celebration breakfast at the school before the certificates were presented.

The school is very proud of our students’ achievements and the fact that more students than ever before have been recognised for their examination performance.

The following outstanding students are:

High Achievers Cambridge:                                      

Economics     Rania Amalia Putri                 

Geography       Naomi Allman              


Higher Achiever GCE/IAL:                  

      Ali Amr Mohamed Fathi Aboulwafa   

      Mohammed Reza Sopian                    

       Wafa Zafira                                         

       Yehia Yasser Hussein                                     

       Herath Mudiyangselage Minma Satha Herath                        

       Mirit Mohamed Mohamed Refaat        

      Mohammed Saleh I B Al-Mohannadi               

      Morad Hossam Abdelhamid Ahmed Abou Shadi

      Nadin Hadi Hassan Mohamed Abouzeid        

      Niko Muhammad Hilmi                                   

      Osama Mahmoud Fawzi Elsayed Osman        

      Youssef Ahmed Mohamed Said El Maghraby 


Higher Achiever GCSE

                  Lina Nayel Abdulla Altarawneh          

 Outstanding Pearson Learner:

                   Abdalrahman Ehab Mohamed El Sayed Tantawy Abdelsamad                                                                  

                   Ayaterahman Draidia                                     

                     Rania Amalia Putri                                      

 Pearson – Highest Mark in the Middle East – AL Eng Lit

                    Rania Amalia Putri                                                                            

 Pearson – Highest Mark in Qatar Edexcel Eng Lit

Ayaterahman Draidia                                                                          

 Top in Country:

            Add’l Mathematics       Lina Ammar Abduljabbar Al-Ani                   

            Art & Design                Didayinta Rahmadani Adi


Primary Gardening Club

The QIS garden is now looking fantastic thanks to Mr Cowley, Miss Peters and the Primary gardening club children. All the plants are now labelled and we would encourage staff and students to take a look and perhaps sketch or just enjoy them.

Safari Day

To celebrate our new topic ‘Going on Safari’ the pupils in Year One dressed up as safari animals and participated in some exciting activities. The pupils created paper plate necklaces using patterns in the style of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. They also designed and produced their own binoculars which they then used for an animal hunt around the playground. The pupils found all sorts of interesting animals hiding in our school bushes. The Year One students are now looking forward to learning more about these animals and about the lives of people in Kenya throughout the term.

Year 1 learning through play









This year, the Year One teachers are incorporating independent play based activities into the classroom. In addition to carpet sessions, teacher focused groups and whole class Phonics teaching the year one children are given time to access play- based activities that deepen their understanding of what they have been taught. This approach to learning builds the pupils independence, advances their social skills and gives them the opportunity to use the skills that they have learned. These photographs show a few of the learning activities the Year One pupils have engaged in this term.




Year 8 QIS student’s book on display at Doha Exhibition Centre

Year 8 QIS student’s book on display at Doha Exhibition Centre
Al Maha Khalid Al Delaimi

We are very proud to report that Al Maha will exhibit her work at the Book Exhibition at Doha Exhibition Centre on Saturday 2/12/17 at 6pm and on Monday 4/12/17 at 10am in Hall number 2.
Al Maha started writing books when she was in year 3 and she has already had 4 of her books published. Her latest book, “Values for a Better World” has been published by Hamad bin Khalifa Publishers.
Her books are also held in the Library at Qatar Foundation.

WWF(World Wildlife Federation)







The School was given permission to raise money to support the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) in protecting endangered species by celebrating ‘Wear it Wild Day’. In Primary, The Student Council came up with ideas for the day which was on Thursday 23rd November.  Each class focused on one endangered animal and Children researched their endangered animal before the day and come to school prepared with facts, posters or other materials to support their research. In Secondary, the staff and students organized a cake sale and face painting. On the day the children and teachers celebrated by dressing-up and donating and managed to raise over 15000 QR..