Registrations are still open for Year 12 & Year 13

Registrations are still open for Year 12 & Year 13 for the next academic year 2017/2018 .

High performers , well-motivated, and high attaining students are welcome to apply .


Please visit our administration office at the school premises to fill an application  .


For further inquiries, please contact our admissions office on 44833456 , ext 296 , or via the email address  – .



Best In Qatar

Students, teachers and parents met for breakfast on Wednesday to celebrate the outstanding student achievements in last year’s summer exams. The students were presented with certificates and trophies to recognize  their success. Overall the school achieved no less than 8 awards for results that were the best in Qatar

Caroline Garcia visited the school

CPD in secondary

As part of CPD in secondary, the hall became a ‘Teaching and learning marketplace’! There were stalls around the hall all focussing on a different aspect of teaching and learning. Behind each stall staff were acting as the stall holders. Teachers were able to ask any questions they had and share resources. They were able to develop their teaching together in order to give students the best opportunities in school

Student Leaders-GCSE PE Pupils leading and coaching Softball lessons in Year 7 PE


Our GCSE PE pupils have been planning fun and challenging lessons for a group of Year 7 pupils over the last couple of weeks. As part of the GCSE PE curriculum the students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through coaching and officiating within different sports. Our cohort of Year 11 GCSE PE role models have done an excellent job so far. They have thoughtfully and thoroughly planned exciting Softball lessons for 24 year seven pupils. Mr Firth and I have been very impressed with the maturity, confidence and dedication shown by all of the leaders. We are also overwhelmed with how exceptionally the Year 7 pupils have behaved and participated in all of the activities. All of the PE department are looking forward to seeing how the lessons and the pupils’ leadership skills develop over the next few months. Keep up the good work!

Secondary Tournament hosted by QIS



U’16 Girls Basketball Team were 3rd in the QUESS Tournament hosted by QIS.

U’19 Boys Volleyball Team were 2nd in the QUESS Tournament held at QA.

U’14 Boys Volleyball Team were 2nd in the QUESS Tournament held at QA.

X-Country Team competed in Dukhan with Alex Hogan winning a Bronze Medal