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December Newsletter 2016



QIS Association Social Evening

A social evening was held on Thursday 1st December, to which all parents were invited.  Our parents had the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed environment and they all enjoyed the event.  We value our parents who want to be involved with and are enthusiastic about our school.

We are hoping to form a group of parents who would be willing to meet and share ideas and organise similar events in the future.  Please email Miss Lofkin at if you would like to be part of the group.  All parents are most welcome.

2016 Year 11 Mock Exams

Dear Parents

In December 2016, from Sunday 4th – Wednesday 14th December, all Year 11 students will sit IGCSE mock exams. These exams are of vital importance to show students what areas they need to improve in to achieve better grades in the Summer IGCSE exams. The results of these mock exams can also affect which options Year 11 students can pick for Year 12 studies. To this end it important that students prepare fully for these exams.

This year, to limit the impact on learning, students will not be allowed study leave during the exam period (4th-14th December). This decision is designed to maximise the time students have in their lessons and to ensure that they have access to their teachers during the exams period who can help with revision and exam preparation.

All Year 11 students are expected to be in school, on time at 7am, and to attend all their timetabled lessons except for when they are sitting an exam. After exams students will return to normal lessons.

Any unauthorised absence that students take during this period will be included on school reports and may affect progress into Year 12. For your information, please be aware that there is a direct relationship between student attendance and achievement; so absence will have a negative impact on their summer exam results.

We thank you for your support with this matter.


Mr. J. Brewer                                                                                                                                     Mr R. Sinclair

Deputy Head Secondary                                                                                                Head of Progress Year 11

Year 6 & Year 3 Productions

The Year 3 production will take place on Monday 28th November 2016.

The Year 6 production will take place on Tuesday 29th November 2016.