Principal’s message

Receiving a good education is one of the key cornerstones of life and this is what Qatar International School sets out to achieve. We are a school where, “Learning Comes First,” and this philosophy is understood by staff and students alike. Our aim is to be the best international school in Qatar and so we strive to provide the best for our students both inside and outside of the classroom. Like Doha itself, QIS is a very welcoming and friendly place. We strive to make the school environment a safe and secure one that will allow our excellent teachers the opportunity to deliver high quality lessons and our students the opportunity to develop and learn to the best of their varied and wide ranging abilities. Whilst recognising the importance of standards and achievement we also promote and celebrate creativity and diversity. Our aim is to prepare students for life and the international world of work, not simply examinations.

In recent times we have continued on our learning journey, updating our curriculum and

improving the way learning is facilitated by constantly striving to improve our practice. By using the very latest educational research as well as the best of current practice from the UK education system we believe our offer to students is unique. My own background includes over 23 years experience of leadership and teaching the English Curriculum in the UK and our entirely British leadership team bring the best this has to offer to our international school in Qatar. I know that QIS has a very strong reputation here in Doha and has been very successful over the years but that doesn’t mean we are complacent. On the contrary, it is the motivation for us to continue to push the boundaries of what we have to offer whilst expecting only the very best from our staff and students.

We are proud of our traditions and we continue to uphold standards in attendance, punctuality and presentation. Our students must be at school, on time, to learn properly and they should also be appropriately dressed. This year we have introduced a new and upgraded uniform, specifically designed for QIS and much more functional and comfortable in terms of fabrics and quality. Full details of this and the suppliers can be found on the website… Read more

However, we also believe wholeheartedly that learning should be fun. It is the best way to motivate students and instil into them a love and passion for learning. A significant part of the school ethos and improvement plan is to build this enjoyment into our development to engage learners at all levels. We aim to build positive relationships and create and nurture independence in our students, which will carry them forward and stay with them into the future.

We are always keen to welcome parents and visitors to QIS but please be aware that we do not allow cars to enter the school site. This is for the safety of everyone but most especially the students. Please park sensibly and safely outside the school and follow the direction of our security staff, who are there to maintain a safe environment for our children. The roads around school can become very busy and congested so I urge you all to be patient, considerate and safe.

This year we have opened a new, secure entrance facility where we require anyone visiting the school to sign in and collect a visitor’s badge from security. We very much appreciate your co-operation with this system. Unless you are visiting the school on business, collecting a child or attending a meeting the security staff are instructed to allow no one to enter the campus.

Finally, we are always keen to keep close contact and communicate clearly with parents and to this end I would ask that you read the information which is sent home from school on a regular basis and always keep us up to date with your most appropriate contact details. If you have any other concerns then please direct them to the tutor or class teacher in the first instance.

I look forward to another productive year ahead and to working positively with all our parents and partners. This positive relationship will be crucial to our success and I’m sure I will meet many more of you personally as the year unfolds.

Best wishes

Mr. D. C. M. Baker



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Best In Qatar

Students, teachers and parents met for breakfast on Wednesday…
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School fair 2017

The QIS Spring Fair will be held on Friday 10th March from 1:00pm…

Last day in school !