Review Date: June 2017

                                                                                                                                                  Review Officer: Exams Officer

External Exam Candidate Policy


To offer opportunities to young people in Qatar who cannot find, or gain access to exam entry into Cambridge International and Pearson Edexcel examinations. To build and enhance the reputation of QIS in the wider community by providing and examination service to students from outside of the immediate QIS community.


  • To offer an external examination service to non QIS students in Doha

to ensure the planning and management of external candidates is conducted efficiently and

in the best interest of candidates

  • To ensure the operation of an efficient exam system with clear guidelines for all.

To enhance and further improve the reputation of QIS and as an excellent school

To create and develop an additional funding stream for the school

It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the centre’s exam processes to read,

understand and implement this policy.


External Candidates/Representative will need to apply and register at QIS as an external candidate with the Exams Office.

External Candidates/Representative will have to complete the relevant form and get it signed off by the Head of Secondary and the Exam Officer.

External Candidates/Representative will have to provide a copy of their Qatar ID and Passport upon application.

If an external candidate has sat exams previously at another Centre they will have to provide the relevant PID and Centre numbers upon application.

The external candidate will be responsible for providing all accurate information upon application. QIS will not accept any responsibility for wrongly given information.

There must be a signed agreement from the parent for QIS to enter the child as an external candidate. QIS will copy this agreement and keep the signed original agreement

Once the relevant form is completed and signed by all the relevant people an invoice will be requested from accounts for collection the next school day for payment

When payment is made and the receipt is received at the exams office, the entry will be processed and a copy of statement of entry will be issued.

Only subjects on offer at Qatar International School will be available.

No subjects with coursework, even those offered at QIS, will be available to external/private candidates.

External candidates will be provided exam board rules and guidelines with their Statement of Entry.

External candidates are responsible for arriving to the exam venue on the date and time specified on the timetable. This includes any times were centre supervision is required if taking more than one subject and clashes occur.

It is the responsibility of the external candidate to inform QIS exams office if they have any exam clashes on their timetable.

QIS will inform the external candidate of the dates and times results can be obtained and direct them to the website of QIS to access the Exam Guide Handbook.